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#1 Global TikTok Trend Creator and Comedian, Jason Rodelo, Signs With Tropf Management

Giving a huge welcome to the newest member of the Tropf Management family - Jason Rodelo!

You may recognize him from Complex, being #Duet'd by Lil Yachty, or getting his Motivational Warriors together for an anti-catfishing PSA with the man himself, Nev Schulman.

Jason is one of TikTok’s most talked about and re-posted comedians in the world, turning #Affirmations into the global #1 trend across the entire app with his virally sensational "Motivational" Warriors series.

Jason is an LA native, and sports a decade-long professional dance career that helps take those hilarious TikTok moments to the next level. He regularly teaches at the most prestigious dance studios in the world: Millennium, Playground and Tmilly TV.

Beyond the studio, Jason has lent his dancing ability to A-list acts such as Daddy Yankee, T-Pain and more.

Jason’s promise as a leading face in Gen-Z comedy spans across generations, and most excitingly, the best is yet to come.

"Don't forget to try new things!" - The Motivational Warrior, Jason Rodelo


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