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Lil Wayne Partners Up with Tropf Management Client Samantha Long on UPROAR Hip-Hop Festival

It's almost here!

The UPROAR HIP HOP FESTIVAL is slated to take over The Torch at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on August 13th, headlined by Lil Wayne, Young Money, and surprise guest performers.

The first of its kind, the one-day festival will be livestreamed worldwide via official partner Mandolin, producing an immersive and interactive experience for all those attending physically, as well as those who can watch from the comfort of their own home.

Beyond the all-star performances, there will be an official UPROAR Dance Competition, with Celebrity Choreographer and Viral Dancer, Samantha Long, leading the mix.

The competition is open to anyone in California or those willing to travel to the Golden State, entering to show off their dance moves to audiences worldwide and a chance to win $5K in prize money. This aligns directly with Lil Wayne and his lifestyle brand GKUA’s ongoing mission to discover and support creators and talented artists, creating life-changing opportunities while supporting up and coming dancers.

Samantha has also been tapped to co-produce the competition with her company, A THREAT, leading efforts from event structure and dance culture to choreographing a performance to be seen live on stage at the festival. Her efforts in promoting the competition have reached tens of millions of fans, and brought in some of Los Angeles's hottest dancers to compete.


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