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TikTok Brings On Jason Rodelo for New Year's Eve Live Show!

#1 Global TikTok Trend Setter and Tropf Management client, Jason Rodelo, has been brought on for TikTok's official New Year's Eve live show!


"This year, TikTok brought some much needed light to a tough 2020. All year long, people turned to TikTok to laugh, share poignant moments from their lives, connect with others, and express themselves creatively. To celebrate the TikTok community, we launched The Year on TikTok, as a recap of the countless ways TikTok brought happiness across America in 2020. But, despite how much joy we found through TikTok this year, 2021 can't come fast enough. As we say #bye2020 and #welcome2021, we’re so excited to continue celebrating the countless communities thriving on TikTok, which is why we’re throwing an epic New Year's Eve party - virtually, of course.

To ring in the New Year -- from our couches -- TikTok will host an unforgettable countdown lookback of the top TikTok moments of 2020. On December 31st at 9:30pm ET on the TikTok account, TikTok darlings Brittany Broski and Lil Yachty will kick off the LIVE festivities, which will feature musical performances, creator sketches, Year on TikTok: Top 100 trend explainers, and special segments for social causes.

Throughout the night, you can expect LIVE performances by Jason Derulo, Saweetie, Aly & AJ, Tai Verdes, and more. For even more fun, there will be special appearances by Cardi B, Mick Fleetwood, Liam Payne, Charli & Dixie D’Amelio, plus others. Excited? Us, too.

Introducing new effects for iPhone 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max

In addition to the LIVE party, we’ll be launching new effects for the holiday season, which will be available to TikTok users with iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max: Snow Playground and Confetti Celebration. The effects are powered by the all-new LiDAR Scanner with cutting-edge depth-sensing capabilities, which means the effects are more immersive than ever before. The effect will go live on December 26, allowing users with the new iPhone 12 to create unique videos in celebration of the new year.

Create NYE memories with these #Hashtags

Introducing the hashtags our community can engage with to join in on the fun through the new year and beyond.

We hope ringing in 2021 with your favorite TikTok creators, celebrities, artists and trends will help you keep New Year's traditions alive and kick start an incredible year. Don’t forget to tune in to TikTok's account on December 31st at 9:30pm ET to join the party. We’d love to see you there!" - TikTok


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